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Brockton High School Yearbook. Publication date: Topics: School yearbooks Foldoutcount: 0. Identifier: brocktonhighschounse.
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Some of the animals stay under the sand, To escape the heat of this no mans land. Let the foolish risk their lives, You can go to his funeral when this foolish man dies. If you're in the desert and on drugs, it may Be tempting, but take no cocaine, For even without it you'll go insane in the devi1's domain. If you don't run upon an oasis with A well, you'll probably end up in Heaven, Or unfortunately Hell.

You may be crawling for days and nights Nights and days, dark and light. So in a plane crash, or your plane may collide. If you end up in the desert without Any water, you might as well commit suicide. So take this advise or ask a well known teacher You don't want to end up dogmeat for Some poor hungry creature.

Through time and energy consuming effort, however, visible progress was made this year. Pictured are the new central administration office, one of 20 new housing units provided for sponsored staff, the recently completed wood structure playground and construction underway to provide classroom space for kindergarten and first grade. RICS is also enjoying a newly installed telephone system, and a shift to city water and power is just around the corner. More graded fields offer more play area and, miracles of miracles, it appears we will have a gym, of sorts, for the ''81 school year.

All comes to those who wait. Khurais 39 Prefects Pictured are.. Dooh presented her annual program of Saudi Arabian dances. Lovely, modest young ladies and handsomely clad young men in white gracefully traced stops of long established Saudi Arabian ethnic dances.

It's bonuses such as this that make living here a unique experience. Dhahran Girls Galore Annual Music Festival Take a half dozen school bands, coordinate them and practice intensely together for two days and what do you get? Beautiful musk. Such was the case late when BIeS joined forces with other international schools to produce one of the finest concerts over heard in the-Kingdom. Not at all! Wheeler and Mrs. Smith's Social Studies classes, while studying a unit on Mayan culture and values, each performed a convincing, costumed reenactment of a Mayan Sacrifice The Mayans couldn't have done it better.

J eddah Drama Festival Mr. The hard working troupe placed fourth against stiff competition and Rachel Polenz took home a trophy Ior best female supporting actress. Rachel is pictured above receiving makeup. The first quarter was a busy one for Mr. Hammond, Athletic Coordinator. In addition to his regular duties, he was actively piecing together a complex of wood play structures for lower school use although it was discovered the area was just as popular with upper school students. Wheeler's Project While Mr. Hammond was busily constructing an outdoor wood structure playground, Mr.

Wheeler and his ninth grade elective Art class were cutting, bending, glueing, and wrapping such materials as cardboard, paper, and wood to produce a 15 fool wingspan WWl French fighter biplane using a balsa kit set of plans enlarged 10 to 1 on craft paper. Although he won't admit it, he was obviously attempting to fulfill a childhood fantasy.

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The result of their effort - keep turning pages. English As A Second Language In a school enrolling some plus students of approximately 30 nationalities, there is, as would be expected, some communication difficulty. Students unable to cope with normal classroom instruction arc given additional ESL instruction to supplement their other assigned subjects.

Through such added help the handicapped students arc able to gradually merge with their classmates. In an area where one might least expect such specialized individual help to be available, there is, indeed, an effective program and competent staff that offer speech therapy, remedial reading, counseling, individual evaluation and audiological screening.

I I I Events 1 Library uucs and treats! In my opinion, Halloween is the most enjoyed student evont of the. This years display of costumes had to be among the best yet. Combining the two schools in a mixed circular Grand March produced an array of goblins and characters never to be equalled. Martha Rice, having served three years at RICS and soon to depart, presented an appreciative audience a well rehersed grand finale collection of songs from hit musicals. Rice will be missed.

Cofeatured was an impressive display of student art work, selected from the year's best, that would rival any Riyadh exhibit of visual art. Through the best effort of Mr. Brian McManus, toam coach, the team won 15 of 16 games played, losing the first game only to Jeddah by-one point. Revenge was sweet, however, as the last game of the season was a championship playoff with Jeddah.

Only two points were scored by [eddah in the second half. Final score was 56 to 30, a convincing win. The girls did well for themselves also, winning eight of ten softball games and ending the season with an overall third place in the league. The ''80 teams are yet to be forrned at this writing, but certainly there will be lots of fast ball and dancing feet in the months to come.

Good luck to the teams. The very strong team met Cairo International school in Egypt in November, where it won every event entered - a hard act to follow. A hearty 'well done' to the RICS swim team. This years volleyball season was somewhat of a nightmare. Each of the teams put in considerable time and effort only to find games cancelled due to political upsets.


They fought hard but ended the weekend with a tie and a loss. A team was hastily formed under Mr. Hammond's direction and encouragement and days later flew to Jedda. Well, it was a disaster, aside from the goodwill and fun, which is more or less what its all about. After a single opening win by the boys, it was a sequence of losses. The girls never made it to first base, as the expression goes, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience of away game play and contact with students of another school.

Pictured at left are track team hopefuls prior to tryouts.


Most anxious of all of course are the graduating ninth grade students who receive their diplomas and at last can relax and reflect on tho long year of labor and fun. What lies ahead are three more years of labor and fun, but, it will be a while before they once again rovel in their senior status. And here's the reason why. You taught me how important It is to talk real good, And sometimes if my grammar Doesn't sound the way it should, It ain't because you didn't do You's hired for.

With what you got to work with No one could ask for more. You teached me how to conjugate The simple verb "to be". And here's proof I learnt it right: I is, he are, so's she. There ain't no use pretending That you ain't real proud, For giving me the kind of speech That stands out in a crowd. Aw look I sees you're crying. Them must be happy tears. To think you taught me all I know In only fifteen years! Nancy Staley Mrs. Barbara Smith Mrs. Marcia Wheeler Mr.

June MacDonald Mrs. Joan Lincoln absent jenny Togher Mrs. Atlantic Christian College Barton College. Belmont Abbey College. Bennett College Greensboro, N. Brevard College. Campbell University Buies Creek, N. School of Nursing. Catawba College. Carver College Charlotte, N.

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Mecklenburg College Charlotte, N. Chowan College. College of the Albemarle. Davenport College Lenoir, N. Davidson College. Durham Business School Durham, N.

Durham Technical Institute. Elizabeth College Charlotte, N. Elon College Elon University. Gaston College Gaston Technical Institute. Grace Hospital School of Nursing. Greensboro College N.

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Greensboro College for Women Greensboro, N. Greensboro Female College Greensboro, N. Guilford College. Johnson C. Smith University. King's College Charlotte, N.


Lees-McRae College. Lenoir College Hickory, N. Lenoir-Rhyne College Hickory, N. Lenoir-Rhyne University. Littleton College. Livingstone College. Louisburg College. Mercy School of Nursing Charlotte, N. Baptist Female University Raleigh, N. Baptist University for Women Raleigh, N. Meredith College Raleigh, N. Carolina College Maxton, N.

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