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Origin of the Gray Prince is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After becoming a combatant in the Arena, this quest can be started by talking to the reigning.
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Ai gonplei ste odon. Anonymous asked: How do you choose where suppletion happens? I know it's most likely to occur in common words, but beyond that, do you just choose words at random to get suppletion, or are there factors that make a certain word a more likely candidate than others? Anonymous asked: I want to create an a posteriori creole language spoken by a group of humans living in an already-established off-world colony. What would be the first questions that I'd need to ask myself in order to realistically evolve the language forward?

If a creole is descended from two different parent languages, does the descendant creole inherent features like vocab from one, and syntax from the other? Would you be willing to do an AoLI episode dedicated to creole conlangs? Many thanks in advance!

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Anonymous asked: Just a funny thing: medo body in trigedasleng is also the word we use for "fear" in portuguese lol. Probably pronounced a little differently. Anonymous asked: Ai bilaik woda op, floudon daun raun hir translates to my hands are full, but what does it translate literally too?

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Couldnt quite figure it out or understand it. The Mull has demanded that the land barons yield to the claim of the Uldras, who were there first. But the temple shows that the Erjins are sentient, which makes the Szintarrese slaveowners. Near the temple is the depot from which tamed Erjins are shipped.

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There they discover that the Erjin mounts and servitors exported by the Wind-runners are actually warriors, who at that very same moment are uprising and destroying their supposed masters. Erjin "servitors" seize control of Szintarre from its effete inhabitants. Erjin "mounts" turn on their Retent Uldra riders, but the combative Uldras defeat them.

Returning to Uaia, they defeat a second and larger Uldra attack incited by Jorjol. This experience chastens some of the Szintarrese reformers, but the others persist in their campaign. Now Gerd Jemasze reveals the rest of Uther Madduc's joke. The temple shows that the Erjins were there before the Uldras, so they have an even better claim to the land. Furthermore, the temple's decorations depict Erjins arriving in spaceships and in combat with the semi-intelligent Morphotes: the Morphotes are in fact the original inhabitants of Koryphon and "rightful" claimants to the land.

Gerd, speaking for the land barons, tells the Szintarrese that to be consistent they should either revoke their decree against the land barons, or else give their own country to the Morphotes as well.

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A second paperback edition was published by Coronet in May , reprinted in Specialist science-fiction imprint DAW published an edition in The novel reverted to its original title of The Domains of Koryphon when it was published as volume 28 of the Vance Integral Edition in Avon Publications is one of the top most publishers of romance fiction. At Avon's initial stages, it was an American paperback book and comic book publisher.

The shift in content occurred in the early 's with multiple Avon romance titles reaching and maintaining spots in bestseller lists, demonstrating the market and potential profits in romance publication. As of , Avon is an imprint of HarperCollins. The imprint was closed in , but then re-launched in publishing fiction and non-fiction in hardback and paperback, including works by Chris Ryan, Lorna Byrne, and Auberon Waugh.

Wollheim following his departure from Ace Books in The company claims to be "the first publishing company ever devoted exclusively to science fiction and fantasy. Leigh Douglass Brackett was an American writer, particularly of science fiction, and has been referred to as the Queen of Space Opera.

She also worked on an abandoned draft of The Empire Strikes Back She was the first woman shortlisted for the Hugo Award.

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Unspiek, Baron Bodissey , is a fictional character referred to in many of the novels of speculative-fiction author Jack Vance. Within those novels he has the status of an authority, but he is sometimes referred to with amusement or scepticism. Like the 'mad poet' Navarth, he first appeared in the Demon Princes sequence but also is alluded to in a number of other unrelated stories. Unlike Navarth, the Baron never appears in person in these novels, but his monumental, many-volume work Life is frequently quoted.

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The lengthiest citations from it appear, with varying degrees of apparent relevance, as epigraphs to various chapters in the Demon Princes novels. Otherwise, the Baron and his work are occasionally referred to in passing or quoted by characters in the tales. Fictional reviews of Life also appear in The Killing Machine and The Face, usually dismissing it as snobbish, elitist and pretentious; one reviewer expresses a desire to thrash the Baron within an inch of his life before buying him a drink.

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Planet of Adventure is a series of four science fiction novels by Jack Vance, which relate the adventures of the scout Adam Reith, the sole survivor of an Earth ship investigating a signal from the distant planet Tschai. Space Opera is a novel by the American science fiction author Jack Vance, first published in Showboat World is a science fiction novel by American writer Jack Vance, first published in It is the second, stand-alone novel in a pair of novels that share the same setting, a backward, lawless, metal-poor world called Big Planet. The plot structure which involves a series of dramatic presentations, often with humorous consequences, has parallels with Vance's novel Space Opera.

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Most of his work has been published under the name Jack Vance. Vance's stories written in the s and s cover many science fiction themes, with a tendency to emphasis on mysterious and biological themes ESP, genetics, brain parasites, body switching, other dimensions, cultures rather than technical ones. By the s, Vance had developed a futuristic setting which he came to call the "Gaean Reach. The Gaean Reach is loose and ever expanding.

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Each planet has its own history, state of development and culture. Within the Reach conditions tend to be peaceable and commerce tends to dominate. At the edges of the Reach, out in the lawless "Beyond," conditions are sometimes, but not always, less secure. Alexander Feht born in near the Siberian city of Novosibirsk , a Russian American poet, translator, and music composer, spent more than 15 years preparing and polishing his Russian translations of Jack Vance's masterpieces.