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The Republic P Thunderbolt was a World War II era fighter aircraft produced by the United International Air Power Review, Volume 1, Summer
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Click here for Customer Service. Armored Attack! Digitally Restored. The '25 was the US's most produced medium bomber. Outstanding ground attack footage! Includes up close looks at M 10 Tank Destroyers and camp facilities. Highlights include target practice using field guns and M10s against moving targets, field maneuvers against tanks, live fire exercises, armored infantry assaults and bazooka training. Includes technical data, operating instructions, engines and more. A treasure trove of World War 2 newsreels shown in Germany, occupied counties and countries friendly to the Axis.

The pictures tell the story -- German combat cameramen were well known celebrities for good reason. From a raucous ready room at a Luftwaffe Night Fighter base to the frozen steppes of Russia, this is a tremendous collection of combat and World War 2 historical footage. The result is some of the most beautiful and dramatic footage to come out of the World War II. tops - Politics & Government / Politics, Philosophy & Social Sciences: Books

The most advanced attack plane of World War II. The Fleet that Came to Stay tells the high tension story of the defense of the Okinawa landing beaches by US carrier planes against Kamikaze attacks - some of the most exciting air combat footage to come out of World War II. The Second Battle of the Philippines: The Battle of Leyte Gulf was the largest Naval engagement in history, swirling around the invasion of Leyte Island and the Japanese navy's surprise counterstrike.

You'll see dramatic naval surface battles and carrier air footage. The Saga of the Franklin New Print!

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Inspiring documentary shows how the gallant officers and men of the distinguished Essex class carrier USS Franklin overcame incredible battle damage inflicted by a devastating bomb hit to save their ship and bring it home. See and hear how they did in through detailed yet easy to understand charts, information and dramatic film footage showing the growth of the US Air Force. It took US Forces a year to dislodge them under harsh arctic conditions. This classic color film, directed and narrated by Academy Award Winner John Huston, shows the first offensive steps of the rapidly expanding Army Air Corps at the dawn of world War 2 in the Pacific.

Air War in Europe This is a series of exciting films showing the rapidly maturing Army Air Force moving into high gear in the Fall of You'll see the B "Berlin Sleeper" on one of her record breaking missions. B Mitchells battle the North African mud to move out to their new base in occupied Italy. Winning Your Wings: U. Winning Your Wings This rousing recruiting film was designed to show the many benefits of joining the Air Corps.

The film shows that joining the Air Corps provides a quick path to non com and high paying officer status and an advanced training program that would prove beneficial after the War. The film points out that every U. Air Force bombardier, navigator and pilot was an officer a sore point with the RAF. Cadet Classification Narrated by Lt.

Ronald Reagan. Most young men who joined the Air Corps, wanted to be a pilot, but was up to the the training schools to determine where they made the best fit, "Bombardier, Navigator or Pilot. Clark Gable. There was a lot more to becoming an officer than learning how to fly. This aircraft is revealingly shown at all angles, including up close on the ground and in flight. The result is a film that gives a compelling overview of the principles of advantages of the Wing design, delivered by Northrop's Director of Engineering, Harrison F.

You'll see color film of the jet powered wing in operation, supplemented by an extensive use of instructive animations. The use and testing of "folded wing tips" and retraction of the "windshield ramp"in supersonic flight is discussed in detail along with the innovative air induction system. On the17th flight, on Oct 14th, , the Valkyrie breaks the Mach 3 barrier and flies at over 70, feet.

As might be expected, these early f lights included some dramatic moments, including an in flight engine flame out and one of the landing gear bursting into flames during touch down. But, as mission chief test pilot Col Al White says, "if there were no problems during testing, you wouldn't need test pilots or test flights. You'll ride along with them in their B and see them relax back at the base. This is a time capsule from the height of the Cold War. Flight Without a Fin This remarkable training film is the result of an unplanned accident. A BH, on loan from the Air Force to Boeing Aircraft for a series of performance tests, was hit by an extraordinary 10 second "microburst" of turbulence on a low level sortie over Colorado that literally ripped off most of its tail fin..

See how they brought it home. This very comprehensive manual with color highlights includes a thorough desciption of the aircraft, normal and emergency procedures, operating limitations, flight characteristics, systems operations, crew duties and much more. The Battle of Britain Frank Capra's award winning portaryl of one of the epic air battles of world War 2. Unique footage, digitally restored. There's a multitude of informal, as it happened interviews with everyone from the group commander and pilots to hard working maintenance professionals.

Paul Page Douglas Jr. (1919–2002)

Includes an excellent over view of Thud operations against the Ho Chi Minh trail. Faces of Rescue F flight leader Lt. James Devoss tells the dramatic account of his rescue from enemy held territory. You'll hear the story of his mission from takeoff to pickup by a "Jolly Green Giant" after being shot down, including actual footage of his rescue. You'll also see all aspects of a "search and rescue" operation that saved so many lives in Vietnam.

Pulse pounding B action plus memorable pin up nose art.

WW2: Republic P 47 Thunderbolt Fighter

Both day and night B actions. Marines Attack!

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All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion. Aircraft DVD Collections. Deal of the Day. Your shopping cart is empty. See the rd, th, th, and th Bomb Squadrons operating against Germany from their base in France. Highly recommended. Ronald Reagan and Lt. Archival footage and interviews.

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This thorough documentary, prepared by the US Army's Pictorial Center after the war, combines excellent archival film footage, comprehensive maps, and in depth interviews with key personnel. You'll learn about engines, instruments, fuel systems, starting, gear shifting, turning, breaking, general driving instruction, track maintenance and more.

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Featuring an F6. This aircraft delivered decisive strikes against Japanese carrires at Midway. The first step in the reduction of Rabaul was the seizure of a string of Japanese bases along the Northeast coast of New Guinea. The Battle for New Britain Stage two of the isolation and reduction of the Japanese fortress of Rabaul was the seizure of key bases at the opposite Western end of the mile long island of New Britain, cutting enemy supply lines and providing advance airfields for continuing attacks on the stronghold. You'll see all aspects of the invasion, including planning, training, air attacks, amphibious assaults, and the intense jungle fighting to secure objectives by Marine and US Army forces.

And there's more of those exciting low level B strikes! Bs and Bs attack with fighter escort at high altitude. Narrated by Ronald Reagan. Submarine Warfare in the Pacific New This film was completed shortly after the end of the War and contains dramatic footage on US submarine operations you won't find anywhere else. See Tirante, Trigger and other subs in action along with their crews.

Gallery was on station off West Africa, hunting U-Boats. Gallery's objective was to capture a German submarine intact, for the first time ever. Hitler unleashes the U-Boats. The Allies try to protect convoys. U-Boat "aces" in action. Killers and the Kil led New V i ctory in the Atlantic, At that time Thunderbolts equipped three outfits — 4th, 56th and 78th FG — each with three squadrons on strength. In early May Thunderbolts were relegated to escort duties, even though in this role they were severely hampered by their limited range. Kagero's Area. Start Prev 1 2 Next End. Super Model Magazyn Modelarski.

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