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______ Danny Lee Davis, Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin, Supervisor: Joseph C. Carter The economic development of Greece and Rome hinged.
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Large-scale exploration in the middle of the last century has obliterated much of the evidence. Loulos, which is contemporary with Aghia Kyriaki on the basis of similar pottery typology, is also the find location in the late nineteenth century of the Melos hoard, an impressive collection of silver coins dated to the fifth-century BC currently in the British Museum Sheedy The liquid phorimon abundant alum can either be equated with natural alum or with processed, packaged and exported in amphorae as gel; the melinum most likely refers to alunite in association with other minerals.

It is likely that this property was recognized, perhaps as early as the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age when Melos and Lipari were the major obsidian sources in the Mediterranean. In the Roman period they became the major producers of alum, the two raw materials — alum and obsidian — occurring in the vicinity of each other on Melos at Nychia and Demenagaki— Figure 1 c.

Archaeology of Classical Greece

Alunogen has a hairy like structure, the scicssilis of Pliny, as can be seen in this Scanning Electron image Figure 2 b. To assess antibacterial activity of alunogen exploited in Melos during the Roman period we carried out microbiological testing of a sample consisting primarily of alunogen and potassium alum Photos-Jones et al. The sample reduced bacterial colonies by an order of 10 8 against Staphylococcus aureus and an order of 10 7 for Pseudomonas aeruginosa , which are gram positive and negative pathogens respectively.

But there was no significant effect on the yeast Candida parapsilosis , showing that the alum can act as an antibacterial but not as an antifungal. But how toxic it was is not known. There is one interesting inscription IG II 2 found in the Agora of Athens in the late nineteenth century and dated to ca. It contains a decree issued by Athens to the three city states of Kea Ioulis, Korisseia and Karthaia Ioulis, Korisseia and Karthaia Figure 1 b equiring Keians to export miltos from their respective mines in its entirety and exclusively to Athens, even bearing the charges for the transport.

However, the iron oxide deposits at the silver mines at Laurion on the Attic mainland opposite Kea Skarpelis and Argyraki could easily have provided Athens with sufficient decorative pigment. Therefore there must have been other reasons for the Athenian stern demand. The key properties that characterised characterized the miltos group were its colour red and its staining capacity Figure 5 a,b.

It could be of pale, deep or medium red hue but always red Theophrastus, On Stones , 52—4. Another property was its fine particle size average ca. The main ore bodies of Kea occur in the Petroussa area in the south, the Orkos area in the east and the Trypospilies area in the north of the island Figure 1 b. The dominant rock types on Kea are mainly calcareous chloritic schists and marbles. There is no visible evidence for ore processing, but there is ample evidence for extraction from mines in the fifth and fourth centuries BC dated on the basis of pottery Photos-Jones et al.

There are only select microorganisms which can live in the toxic environment associated with miltos from the Pb-rich Petroussa mine; b Relative concentrations of microbial colonies associated with miltos sample A small number of samples of Kea miltos had their microbiome fully characterized by DNA sequencing. For the purposes of this discussion, I present two samples Sample Both samples are rich in metallic toxic trace elements including zinc, arsenic and lead. More precisely, sample The high concentration of toxic elements particularly Pb ca ppm , as in sample It may be on account of high toxic-element concentration and natural fine particle size that Athens made sure that this vital supply came exclusively to them and in the quantities required for their fleet.

It should be noted here that the highly toxic Pb but also Fe and Cu are insoluble in water. This implies that although Pb concentration in the powdered sample This means that miltos in an aqueous solution would not be toxic. Turning now to the microbial ecology of these two samples, the amount of extractable DNA was sufficient for a phylogenetic characterization and furthermore for differentiation between samples.

By contrast, sample The role of these bacteria is well known. For example, actinobacteria in the soil are saprophytes which live by breaking down organic matter and making it available for intake by plants. The same microorganisms are also prolific producers of secondary metabolites which are important as antibiotics Ul-Hassan and Wellington Firmicute bacteria like Paenibacillus are growth promoters in plants Bloemberg and Lugtenberg via phosphate solubilization, nitrogen fixation and disease control.

Although G-R farmers would have been unaware of nitrogen fixing microorganisms fermicutes they would have likely noticed the beneficial effect of adding miltos to plant roots. In this short paper I have tried to summarize our proposed two-pronged approach for the study of G-R lithotherapeutics: on the one hand, an archaeological-science aspect and on the other, a biomedical one.

Our testing of G-R minerals for antibacterial properties against specific pathogens triggered the starting point of their investigation as therapeutics. Our hypothesis that these antibacterial properties may not originate only from the minerals themselves but from their microbiome as well, has formed the beginning of a long-term investigation. In other words, it is on the G-R mineral chaine operatoire from mine to apothecary that we need to focus, rather than the G-R minerals, per se. For that we need to start at the beginning: the clearly stated places of their origin.

Regarding the identity of G-R minerals, we suggest that there cannot be a direct correspondence between individual G-R minerals and a modern mineral with a specific chemical formula and crystalline structure. Neither can it be said that G-R minerals were more akin to rocks, aggregates of minerals, since they could occur in near pure form as well. In other words, there are no steadfast rules as to how their name evolved.

For those minerals which make their appearance in earlier, pre-Greek texts for example tu-ru-pte-ri-ya for stypteria [ alumen ] and mi-to-we-sa for miltos in Linear B it could, in principle, be traced in the meaning Bronze Age cultures gave to these materials. G-R minerals become real artefacts, or constituent parts thereof, albeit potentially much modified, only when retrieved from secure archaeological contexts as medicines within medicine boxes. G-R lithotherapeutics were always thought to be specific to certain landscapes.

It has been argued eloquently by Totelin b that in antiquity many prized materials had specific places of origin i. Attic honey, Chian wine, Cypriot copper and many places took pride in their products and the expertise that went with developing them.

Commercial navigation in the Greek and Roman world

The infrastructure required depending on the scale of production, the logistics of storage, packaging and shipment, the gradual evolution of technical knowhow, the scale and varying level of expertise of the workforce — all of these parameters represent levels of higher complexity than that associated with, for example, beekeeping or vineyard growing. As deduced by epigraphic record, the negatiatores , or men-in-business, may or may not have had a prominent role to play.

However, we need to acknowledge, here, that the G-R sources are not particularly vocal on that front. Finally, and in relation to medicinal earths, there has been a long-standing assumption tacit and vocal that they have acted largely as placebos rather than as real pharmacological agents. This was certainly the view of travellers, to the islands of their origin, in the post-medieval and later periods Photos-Jones and Hall However, our own work has demonstrated their efficacy as antibacterials, and furthermore Williams and her colleagues have gone substantially further in providing a mechanism by which they have demonstrated that layered silicates in general can work as antibacterials Morrison, Misra, and Williams ; Londono, Hartnett, and Williams Turning to the biomedical aspect of this research, the proposed dual nature of some G-R minerals, as both mineral and microbiome, and with regards to the origin of their bioactivity, constitutes a new challenge.

The proposal is based on the reading of the texts and the observation that the low-level processing that some G-R minerals underwent, dissolution and precipitation at temperatures not above those needed for water evaporation , would have ensured that their microbiome and their biomolecules was carried into the final product, the mineral ingredient in the recipe.

Testing this hypothesis further, and proving it, is a much longer and complex endeavour. Effie Photos-Jones is an archaeological scientist and honorary staff member in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow. Her earlier work has been in early and pre-industrial iron metallurgy in Greece and Scotland respectively. Her work on Melos and Lemnos led to two books written jointly with Allan J. Galen on Simple Drugs IX. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. World Archaeology.

World Archaeol. Published online Oct Effie Photos-Jones a, b. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The work presented here reflects the combined work, over the last three years, of many researchers across different fields who have contributed to the publications referred to in this paper and to those that are forthcoming. They are: N. Andriopoulou; P. Balassone; B. Barrett; G. Christidis; C.

Edwards; C. Elgy; I. Gounaki; D. Ignatiadou; I. Jocks; A. Hall; F. Haener; A. Jones; L. Lawton; A. Leanord; C. Keane; C. Knapp; A. Mormone; V. Perdikatsis; M. Piochi; M. Stamatakis; E. Valsami-Jones; and D. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. The alum of Melos: making the case for the cultural landscape Melos has a geothermal field ground temperature increases rapidly as a function of depth below surface which is currently waning, but was, nevertheless, quite strong in the Classical and Roman period Photos-Jones and Hall Alunogen has a hairy like structure, the scicssilis of Pliny, as can be seen in this Scanning Electron image Figure 2 b To assess antibacterial activity of alunogen exploited in Melos during the Roman period we carried out microbiological testing of a sample consisting primarily of alunogen and potassium alum Photos-Jones et al.

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Conclusions In this short paper I have tried to summarize our proposed two-pronged approach for the study of G-R lithotherapeutics: on the one hand, an archaeological-science aspect and on the other, a biomedical one. Notes 1. Disclosure statement No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors. References Alcock S. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

London: Arnold. London: J M Dent and Sons. Cyprus and Geology: Science, Environment, Culture. In Greek. Nicosia: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. Theophrastus De Lapidibus. Edited with Introduction, Translation and Commentary. Oxford: Oxbow. Pliny the Elder on Science and Technology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Athens: Agra Press; In Greek. Trade in Classical Antiquity. In Greek with short English summary. Glasgow: Potingair Press.

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